Ice Skating Videos

I like to keep an eye out for good content which will be benficial to everyone who reads my blog.  I am not the only expert out there.  I love to learn something new!  Watch the video below…

Learn to Ice Skate

learn-to-skateStrap on A Pair of Skates!

Learning to ice skate can be a blast for any kid or adult.  Growing up in the NE, the winters can be brutal.  I always loved when a nearby lake froze over and we got to hit the ice on a sunny winter day.  It would be so refreshing!  Especially after a long cold spell spending longs day inside.  As a kid that was torture, I much rather gone skating.

I think was around 9 or 10 I first tried out ice skating.  I even took lessons when I first started.  I think I picked up ice skating so fast because of those few classes giving me the fundamentals to really understand how to ice skate.

Check out this learn to ice skate video I came across.

I was a bit nervous when I started that I would fall and hurt myself.  Or worse, just flat our embarrass my self.  Hah, no one looks very cool falling on their butt!

I really enjoy ice skating.  It is still something I do today, especially when I need to get away and focus of something else, ice skating is a good distraction.  I always thought I could be an athlete, I’m big into sports and fitness.  I have a few supplements I like to take which help me with focus at work and when I ice skate.  I read an Alpha Brain review online which gave me the confidence to give the supplement a shot.  Alpha Brain is produced from Onnit is a really great mental focus supplement.  Lots of pro athletes have begun sponsoring the product and seem to all be behind it!  I can’t complain about it, it has definitely helped me.

I try to mix in protein shakes, a daily multi-vitamin and fiber.  This balance has really helped me out in so many aspects of my life.  Not just skating!  I’m definitely a stronger faster skater since I’ve incorporated supplements into my regiment.

Here are a couple of my favorite resources regarding health and fitness.  I use tips from these pages regularly!

I hope you enjoy what you find!